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The Stim glitch has returned — and at the worst time ever.

As of right now, the World Series of Warzone qualifiers are ongoing in North America and Europe. While this will ultimately end in the best competition the Warzone scene has seen in some time, the qualifiers are causing some trouble.

For starters, cheating accusations are running rampant, with players concerned that their opponents are using every trick at their disposal to qualify for the event. However, there have also been some in-game issues that players have been dealing with. Most notably, the infamous Stim glitch appears to have returned in Warzone right in time for the WSOW qualifiers.

What is the Stim glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone?

The Stim glitch is among the most well-known in the community. Usually, the Stim shot is supposed to give players an immediate health boost, but the equipment also improves the player’s speed for a short time. The second aspect of the Stim’s capabilities is what has caused issues in the past. Now, that same glitch is rearing its ugly head once again.

The glitch essentially gives players who pop a Stim double the speed they would normally run at. While the Stim is supposed to provide a speed boost, it’s not supposed to make players run faster than is trackable with weapons. Warzone player “Entervene” recently showcased themselves being the subject of the Stim glitch in a World Series of Warzone scrimmage.

Players will obviously notice that Entervene’s speed was far above what it should be. This is only one part of the bug, however. If viewers look at Entervene’s health when they’re being shot at just after using the Stim, they’ll see the health bar constantly jump up and down. This is not supposed to happen, as the Stim is supposed to stop healing a player after they take damage.

However, with the glitch, Entervene’s health keeps getting replenished after they use the Stim. Allegedly, this glitch has not been fixed for custom games, which is where these scrimmages were taking place.

Clearly, the Stim glitch returning spells disaster for World Series of Warzone participants. The glitch can singlehandedly ruin a match, as it overpowers players who happen to be the beneficiary of it. Hopefully, Raven Software can find a way to resolve the Stim glitch in Warzone prior to the World Series of Warzone officially starting.

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