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The Goliath is one of the lesser-used Field Upgrades in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Considering there are options like Armor Plates, Dead Silence and the Deployable Cover, players haven’t taken much interest in the small tank. That might change after a viral clip has begun to make its round in the community, however. The clip sees one player launch themselves into the air with the help of the Goliath and some other Equipment in Vanguard.

Vanguard describes the Goliath as a “small remote-controlled bomb on tracks.” It’s controllable for 30 seconds, at which point it blows up into a fiery mess. However, players can also detonate it early if they wish. The newest way to use the Goliath doesn’t revolve around its mechanics, though. Instead, players simply need the Goliath to move a couple of feet.

The Goliath skyrockets players in Vanguard

The clip first went viral on Reddit, where user BigHero6Fan showed themselves being launched into the air by a Goliath.

Goliath glitch shot I hit from CODVanguard

The trick involves the Goliath, another player controlling it and a couple of Demolition Charges. The charges are pieces of Tactical Equipment that are simply C4 or Satchel Charges from previous games.

As seen in the clip, players must throw two Demolition Charges on the ground. Then, they need to have the person controlling the Goliath to drive directly over the charges. This means players will need a friend or teammate in the match with them.

Once the charges are placed and Goliath is in place, players must stand on top of the tank and detonate the charges. This apparently launches players into the sky, allowing them to hit some fantastic shots onto unsuspecting enemies.

It’s unclear whether this is an intended use for the Goliath in Vanguard or a glitch. If it’s a glitch, Sledgehammer Games have not commented on the clip as of yet. However, a patch should be releasing later this week to fix many other issues in Vanguard. If the Goliath’s new trick isn’t included in the update, players might get to continue launching themselves into the air in multiplayer.