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On Monday, April 26, Gen.G announced the opening of its application process for the second annual Gen.G Foundation scholarship. This scholarship opportunity supports women, people of color and low-income students that are pursuing careers in esports, gaming, entrepreneurship, journalism and content creation.

The global esports organization continues this Foundation Scholarship as part of its $1 million pledge over the next years. The fund focuses on benefitting students from often overlooked backgrounds in the esports and gaming scene. Additionally, Gen.G is partnering with PUMA, Heron Preston, Kids of Immigrants, University of Kentucky and Eastern Michigan University to help students get the funding they need. Furthermore, with the establishment of Gen.G Global Academy in 2019, the Gen.G Scholarship Foundation in 2020, and the launch of the professional development content series “Work from Home” in 2021, Gen.G continues to evolve the intersection of gaming and educational communities.

The application process opens on Monday, April 26 and closes on Monday, May 31 of 2021. The scholarship winners will be introduced the following September as the “Gen.G  Foundation class of 2021.”

Gen.G Foundation Scholarship will award each student $10,000

Each student will receive a $10,000 grant to pursue their education. They will be part of Gen.G’s ongoing programming in 2021 for career development.

The first class of the Gen.G Foundation Scholarship was awarded in December of 2020. These individuals represented eight states, and eleven colleges and universities across the United States.

“It was Gen.G’s great privilege to review so many promising applications for last year’s inaugural Gen 10 class,” said Chris Park, CEO of Gen.G. “So many high-potential students today are gamers, who often hail from underrepresented backgrounds. The Gen.G Foundation’s commitment to better access is a vote of confidence in the enormous pool of talented students around the world, which this year’s Gen 10 class will represent proudly.”

Gen.G is building a global student gaming community that bridges the gap between geography, gender and access. Students can apply for this opportunity on Gen.G’s website.

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