The EEU region returns, saves entire DPC system
The Eastern Europe DPC
The Eastern Europe DPC has returned. | Provided by BTS

The EEU region returns, saves entire DPC system

The DPC system is one step closer to normal

The Eastern European Dota Pro Circuit has returned, starting Wednesday, after a long hiatus since the invasion of Ukraine began in March. This EEU return also helps ensure one of the largest regions of the DPC won’t be stuck at a competitive disadvantage, saving the larger season potential disaster.

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After all, had eastern European games not returned, the teams from the region would fall behind on DPC points, which they need to qualify for The International. To do so, teams must be in the top 18 in DPC points across all regions. Additionally, teams would have had to miss out on a Major, which would put them even further in a DPC point hole.

Considering rosters like Team Spirit are in the Eastern European region and have proven they are still worthy of an Invitational invite with their performances at GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational 2022 Dubai, this will benefit the entire competitive scene.

The first match back will be between Hell Raisers and Natus Vincere. The English cast will be produced by BeyondTheSummit, while the Russian broadcast will be handled by Maincast.

The EEU DPC was originally suspended when the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March. Most players in the region come from both sides of the conflict and could not facilitate boot camps during the conflict. Most tournament organizers were also unable to host production. Asa a result, the Eastern European DPC was temporarily suspended.

Now, a month before the next Major in Stockholm, Sweden, Eastern European teams will play out their tour in order to decide which teams will attend the Major.

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