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WePlay Holding, one of Dota and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s largest tournament organizers, announced it would terminate all work on Russian language broadcasts on Monday morning.

WePlay to terminate work on all Russian language broadcasts

WePlay Holding, one of Ukraine’s largest esport studios will focus its efforts on Ukrainian esports content. The studio will also continue analytics-based esports content in the English language. However, there will no longer be any Russian language content on any of their productions.

“Due to the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against the freedom and independence of Ukraine, WePlay Esports has decided to freeze its current Russian-language projects,” said WePlay Esports on their website. “Currently, the team sees it unacceptable to continue creating new opportunities for Russian esports.”

This change was signaled two weeks ago when the conflict first began. WePlay Holding first made a statement that they would be terminating cooperation from all partners within the Russian Federation. The production studio stated that the Russian Federation “committed an act of attack against the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine,” and they will no longer be working with any legal entities based in Russia.

Soon after, the Ukrainian production company was tasked with handling production for the GALAXY GAMERS: Dota 2 Invitational Dubai 2022. They then gave tournament organizers an ultimatum: They would not continue the production of the tournament if Virtus.Pro, a team owned by ESFORCE holding, was allowed to play. ESFORCE holding is owned by Russian oligarch Emin Antonyan a supporter of Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

WePlay has made it clear that its goal is to continue to support Ukraine through the war and find any way they can to help the people of their nation.

“For a company originated from Ukraine whose employees are now living the pain of a war that was not started by us, our business will primarily focus on supporting an independent, unique Ukrainian culture,” WePlay said.

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