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MW2 Double Kill

The easiest way to get Double Kills in MW2

Double Kills are needed to complete a large amount of the challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This means you’ll need to master the art of the Double Kill to unlock every weapon and camo. Luckily, there are some tired and true ways that make getting Double Kills in MW2 almost guaranteed.

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Double Kills in Modern Warfare 2 are when you kill two enemies within three seconds of one another. When you get a Double Kill, you’ll get a notification and earn 110 XP. Here’s how to get a Double Kill EZ.

How to get Double Kills in MW2

How to Fix MW2 Double Kills Not Counting

First, kills on AI operators in Invasion and Ground War will not count as a Double Kill.

Ready to take down multiple enemies? Select Hardcore Mode. This may initially sound like it adds to the challenge but it actually makes it a lot easier. In Hardcore Mode, opponents die in one or two shots. This makes it a lot easier to get a Double Kill.

Second, create a loadout that has Double Kills in mind. Consider what it takes to mow down multiple enemies at once. For example, the Extended Magazine will ensure you have enough ammo to take down two enemies without any issue.

Then head to a smaller map. This will make it a lot easier to encounter multiple players within close proximity of each other since there’s less room to spread out or hide.

How to fix the Double Kills bug

There are many challenges that require you to get a Double Kill to complete. This has made it all the more frustrating when it looks like Double Kills don’t count.

A lot of players noticed this happening during their games but it has luckily been figured out. This big is only visual. This means that you may not get the notification or any indication that you got a Double Kill but your progress is still being properly tracked. So keep racking up your Double Kills without worry!