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LAN is back in the Call of Duty League and it all starts with the Stage 4 Major. The event is taking place at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas and is hosted by the Dallas Empire. Following the conclusion of the LA Thieves Home Series on June 13, the bracket for the first LAN tournament in over a year was officially set.

There are some definite surprises within the bracket; some former winners bracket squads are starting in the losers bracket. This was decided after several tiebreaker scenarios took place at the end of Stage 4. However, for the most part, both sides of the bracket feature familiar teams.

The CDL Stage 4 Major bracket

Despite the event being on LAN, the bracket looks exactly the same as it has for the previous three majors. The losers bracket features teams starting in both the first and second rounds. On this side of the bracket, the Major is single-elimination. This means that whenever a team loses, they’re out of the tournament.

CLD Stage 4 Major bracket
The full Stage 4 Major bracket. | Provided by the Call of Duty League

Most of the surprises lie within the losers bracket. The LA Thieves and Florida Mutineers aren’t used to seeing themselves in the lower bracket. Both squads were in the winners bracket for the Stage 3 Major.

However, each team had a chance to secure their spot in winners at this weekend’s past Home Series. They both fell short, though, with LA losing both of their matches and Florida dropping to Dallas Empire. The Mutineers are the only team with a winning record in the losers bracket.

On the winners side of things, most of the teams are where many thought they would be. The Minnesota RØKKR and OpTic Chicago are the only teams to change spots from the Stage 3 Major but they’s been perennial winners bracket teams prior to that.

There are some juicy matchups set in the first few rounds of the bracket and the return to LAN should provide the best event all season. The action begins on Thursday, June 17.