The Clayster/Crimsix drama, explained
New York Subliners look to sign Crimsix and Neptune in the off season
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The Clayster/Crimsix drama, explained

NYSL teammates air out internal issues

Amid the New York Subliners’ tumultuous season, teammates Ian “Crimsix” Porter and James “Clayster” Eubanks feuded recently online. Clayster instigated the conversation by hopping on a podcast to point to the team’s problems in 2022.

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As Clayster talked about the team’s many roster moves while his team faced off with against the Boston Breach during the Major 3 qualifiers, he described players talking about benching themselves to avoid playing with some of their teammates. The talk went from Travis “Neptune” McCloud to Crimsix, shedding light on the internal strife that led to the team’s issues throughout the first half of the Call of Duty League season.

How the Clayster/Crimsix drama started

The drama began with a series of roster moves. First, Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull joined the team in February, which led to Neptune moving to a substitute role. Then, the coaches swapped positions, Royalty and Neptune swapped positions again and the acquisition of Paul “PaulEhx” Avila moved Clayster to the bench. While performance had instigated the changes, the instability only created further struggle, leading to Clayster speaking about the subject.

Crimsix then responded to Clayster’s accusations on the popular podcast “The Flank,” pointing the finger back at Clayster.

In that clip, he stated that Clayster sent teammate Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez a picture of himself flipping HyDra off after a loss earlier this year. Clayster was in the Twitch chat at the time, quick to call that a lie. Not too long after, he simply tweeted out this.

He also responded to the tweet itself, continuing to call this accusation a lie, showing his DMs. As the situation started to die down, the official NYSL Twitter account decided to join in on the fun with a photo of Hydra checking his phone (perhaps to see what Clayster might send next).

This seems to be the end of the Clayster and Crimsix drama, as the NYSL are hitting new highs for the season competitively. Heading into the Major 3, they have their first-place finish at the Pro-Am Classic under their belts. Time will tell if they can maintain their form at Major 3 after their internal war of words online.

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