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The Call of Duty League 2021 season has officially started as Free Agency began at 12:00 am ET this morning. While most teams will wait a few days before making any major roster announcements, the Chicago Huntsmen seem a bit antsier. Although the team didn’t formally make an announcement, they did drop a fairly significant teaser at who their fourth roster member will be. It seems the rumors from the previous week are adding up, as Chicago teased that Brandon “Dashy” Otell will be joining for 2021.

Dashy heading east to Chicago for 2021

This was a move that has been rumored and expected since the end of the 2020 CDL season. Chicago and Dashy are a match made in heaven on paper. However, it’s the connections that Dashy has with the Huntsmen personnel that gave the rumor so much weight.

While there’s still no official announcement, it seems clear what the Chicago Huntsmen are trying to convey in their latest Twitter post.

The short clip looks to be of Gotham City from the Batman universe. If this doesn’t make much sense to you, then you might not know of Dashy’s nickname in the community. Nicknamed “Bruce” by Chicago Huntsmen player Seth “Scump” Abner, Dashy is definitely the one who turns on the Bat-Signal.

It appears that Chicago wants to build hype around Dashy or is waiting a couple of days to make the announcement. Regardless, this essentially confirms that “Bruce” is heading to the Huntsmen. He’ll be able to play with former teammate Scump and close friends Matt “FormaL” Piper and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon.

Heading into 2021, it seems that FormaL will be the main assault rifle for the Huntsmen. Meanwhile, Dashy could be more of a Flex. Of course, Black Ops Cold War could call for different roles, but that’s what it looks like as of right now. One thing is for sure though, Chicago will soon house two of the best snipers and ARs in the CDL.

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