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The CDL Kickoff Classic is the unofficial start to the 2022 Call of Duty League season and it begins Friday. While players are flying to Arlington, Texas in the next day or so, the CDL has only just updated the competitive ruleset to reflect the current state of the league. Up until now, the ruleset only contained details on Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, with Control left out. There have been some rumors and controversy surrounding Control in Vanguard but the CDL has now officially confirmed it as the third game mode for 2022.

The competitive ruleset now accurately reflects this. There are now rules for Control along with a mapset. However, the mapset is underwhelming and professional players have pointed out that Control on certain maps is broken.

The full updated ruleset for the CDL prior to the Kickoff Classic is viewable below.

CDL v1.2 ruleset released

This is the v1.2 version of the competitive ruleset for the 2022 season. Previously, the ruleset had caused major controversy due to some items either being banned or not banned. For example, the CDL initially banned every secondary weapon in Vanguard. Players can’t even create a loadout that doesn’t have a secondary weapon.

The league updated this is the v1.1 version of the ruleset but that still didn’t include Control. With v1.2, the third game mode is present. The rules for Control are roughly the same as they are in Hardpoint. However, the maps are not.

As of right now, only Gavutu and Tuscan are playable Control maps in the CDL. Maps like Berlin are not fit for Control in their current state, leaving the league with just two maps.

Also added to the ruleset was a map veto process. This should work how it has in years past but it’s unclear how teams will veto Control maps, seeing as there are only two. This likely means only one team will get to veto a map, or it will be a random pick between the two.

The CDL Kickoff Classic should be an interesting event at the very least. Fans can watch it starting on Friday.

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