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The Call of Duty League officially kicks off in ten days, when Minnesota hosts the Launch Weekend on Jan. 24. This has been a long time coming for Call of Duty esports and will really put the 12 CDL organizations to the test for the first time. Also, we’ll get to see the Challenger teams for the first time and figure out which players are on the rise.

However, with only ten days until Minnesota, the league is making some last-minute changes to the competitive ruleset. Announced today were several map removals and item restrictions in the official CDL rules. Let’s take a look at what was changed.

Several maps removed from the CDL ruleset

This was an update that every professional player knew was coming, as they helped decide what to remove. A commonplace practice, this helps professional players to stay ahead of the meta before a big event, like Minnesota.

Below, you can see everything that was changed with the newest ruleset update. Photo courtesy of @INTELCallofDuty on Twitter.


Moving past the map/game mode removals for a moment, the restricted items list looks solid. Also, mounting being disabled is a great addition, as the no recoil gained from the mechanic was extremely overpowered.

Now, in regards to the maps and game modes, there’s a bit of controversy. According to the official rules, Rammaza Hardpoint and St. Petrograd Domination are removed. However, professional players say that this is incorrect.

Apparently, the Call of Duty League made a mistake in removing certain maps from Hardpoint and Domination. They presumably took the pros’ advice, telling them their changes were going to be implemented. However, we now have a ruleset that doesn’t match what the pros thought was coming.

This seems to be an error on the side of the CDL. Still, there is a slight chance the league went another way than what the pros advised. Either way, something needs to be figured out before Minnesota.

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