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The Call of Duty League Stage 3 groups have concluded and all twelve teams have been sorted into their respective places in the Major bracket. The event begins Thursday, May 13, with the first matches of elimination and winners Round 1.

Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, Florida Mutineers and LA Thieves will start off in the winners Round 1. Alternatively, the LA Guerrillas, Seattle Surge, Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens are starting in elimination Round 1.  The remaining four teams will start in Round 2 of the respective winners and elimination sections.

OpTic Chicago and Minnesota RØKKR will both start in elimination, with New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra starting in winners Round 2. These teams will have a slight advantage over the others in their respective branches of the Stage 3 Major bracket. All teams located in the winners portion will have a second chance in the elimination branch if they lose a series. However, teams starting in the elimination branch will exit the tournament completely if they lose.

Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major bracket
The Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major bracket. | Provided by Call of Duty League

How to watch the Stage 3 Major

All of the Call of Duty League matches can be viewed on the CDL’s official YouTube channel. The CDL partnered with YouTube before the 2020 season in a multi-year contract for exclusivity on the platform. Some franchised teams, like the Seattle Surge, co-stream these matches to allow fans to watch together. Outside of that, each day of the Major has its own dedicated video to summarize the day of matches.

The match between Paris Legion and the London Royal Ravens will open the Stage 3 Major on Thursday at 12 pm PST. As always, the Call of Duty League begins its tournaments with the elimination matches. It will then move onto the winners bracket.

Seattle Surge versus LA Guerrillas will begin when the Paris Legion and London Royal Raven’s match concludes. After both Elimination matches finish, the tournaments will move onto the winners Bracket with Dallas Empire taking on Atlanta FaZe. LA Thieves will take on the Florida Mutineers to close the first day of the Stage 3 Major in the winners bracket.