The Big House announces Encore livestream for this weekend
Big House Online Encore

The Big House announces Encore livestream for this weekend

Two weeks ago, Nintendo of America issued a cease and desist order to shut down The Big House Online. However, it turns out this upcoming weekend will not be completely devoid of The Big House content. The event organizers announced a special livestream called A Big House Encore via Twitter on December 3.

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A Big House Encore will take place from December 5 – 6. It will fill much of the timeslot originally occupied by The Big House Online. As its name suggests, the event will include rebroadcasts of past The Big House tournaments.

Notably, there is more to this special livestream than just the encore. The announcement tweet claims it will also include new variety content, as well as a special afterparty. Currently, it is unclear what exactly this additional content will entail. All of this will take place on Beyond the Summit’s btssmash Twitch channel.

More about A Big House Encore

This will mark the first year without a Big House tournament since the series’ inception in 2011. Naturally, the event organizers hope that A Big House Encore will help to fill this void. Nintendo ordered the cancellation of The Big House Online due to its use of Slippi. Slippi is a fan-made software that allows competitors to play Super Smash Bros. Melee online, among other things.

The recent cease and desist has made the fate of Melee uncertain for the rest of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the community still has plans to keep hosting events. Ludwig Ahgren will be hosting a charity tournament sometime this month. As of November 24, he had already raised $42,000 for the event. In addition, Galint Gaming will host its debut online major, Galint Melee Open, in January.

On top of all this, Super Smash Bros. Melee fans have a new documentary to look forward to. Travis “Samox” Beauchamp’s second Smash documentary, Metagame, will premiere on Twitch beginning on December 11. Between A Big House Encore, LACS 3, and Metagame, the Melee community will have plenty of content to enjoy through the end of the year.

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