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The entire globe now has its hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the response seems to be positive overall. While there are some kinks and bugs to work on, developer Treyarch delivered a polished game, for the most part. Of course, the content side of things is a bit lacking, with only eight 6v6 maps and 29 weapons at launch. Still, at least in regards to the weaponry, there are some standouts you need to be using. Today, we’ll go over the best weapon from each class in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

Best weapons in each Black Ops Cold War class

In total, there are seven classes that you can mainly use in multiplayer. While the game does feature launcher categories, there’s not a set “best” in the class. However, for the other seven, there’s a clear winner. Below, we’ll list each class and what we believe to be the best weapon from it.

Assault Rifles – FFAR 1

black ops cold war best multiplayerweapon
All images via Activision

The last AR you unlock, the FFAR 1, otherwise known as the Famas, is a jack of all trades. One of the new weapons in Black Ops Cold War, you can use the FFAR in any situation and dominate with it. Also, the attachment selection is widespread, making it even more lethal.

Submachine Guns – MP5

black ops cold war best multiplayer weapon mp5

The reigning champion from Modern Warfare, the MP5 makes another appearance this year. While it didn’t seem possible, it appears that the MP5 is better in BOCW than it was in MW. It kills ridiculously fast and is fairly decent at range.

Tactical Rifles – M16

Arguably the most broken gun in multiplayer, the M16 has the ability to one-burst players from short-medium range. At long range, it takes two bursts, which is overpowered, simply put. The M16 might receive a nerf soon, but for now, it’s the best Tactical Rifle.

Light Machine Guns – Stoner 63

Another severely overpowered weapon, the Stoner could easily be an assault rifle. Though the mobility is a bit on the slower side, it makes up for it tenfold with its damage and range output. Also, there’s virtually no recoil.

Sniper Rifles – LW3 – Tundra

A classic bolt-action rifle, the Tundra is a sniper’s dream in Black Ops Cold War. Featuring high damage and great mobility, fans of sniping are already loving what Treyarch has done with the LW3 – Tundra.

Pistols – 1911

Easily the best secondary in Black Ops Cold War, the 1911 could be used as a primary weapon. If you have a fast trigger finger, the possibilities are endless with this weapon. While the Diamatti is great too, the 1911 is just a bit better.

Shotguns – Hauer 77

Wrapping up the list is the Mauer 77 shotgun. A pump-action shotty, the Hauer 77 deals average damage and can be quite lethal if you rank it up all the way. However, the shotguns in general are underpowered in Black Ops Cold War.

Those are our picks for the best weapon in each class. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.