The best way to unlock Serpentinite camo in MW3 Zombies
The best way to unlock Serpentinite camo in MW3 Zombies
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The best way to unlock Serpentinite camo in MW3 Zombies

One final step before Borealis

Just like in Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer, there are four Mastery camos you can earn for the new MW3 weapons in Zombies. The penultimate Mastery camo in MW3 Zombies is called Serpentinite, and every weapon has the same challenge to unlock it.

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The challenge to unlock Serpentinite is “Get 10 Special Zombie kills.” If you’re unaware of what a Special Zombie is, I encourage you to check out my previous guide so you can learn about them as well as Elite Zombies. In any case, there are some easy ways to complete this challenge, but I used one in particular that allowed me to get Borealis extremely quickly.

To see how to earn Serpentinite camo fast and easy in MW3 Zombies, keep reading my guide below.

Unlocking Serpentinite camo quickly in MW3 Zombies

A Special Zombie is essentially any Mangler, Mimic, or Disciple on the map in Zombies. This means for every weapon in MW3, you need to kill 10 of those zombies to earn Serpentinite camo. Since you need to complete 36 weapons to unlock Borealis in MW3, you need to kill a total of 360 Special Zombies.

Serpentinite camo in MW3. Screenshot via Upcomer

This is quite a daunting number, as Special Zombies spawn far less frequently than regular zombies or hellhounds. However, there is a simple way to guarantee that Special Zombies spawn, allowing you to blow through the Serpentinite challenge for any weapon.

The best way to go about killing Special Zombies is to farm exfil points in the Low Threat Zone. By calling for an exfil in these zones, you guarantee that at least one or two Manglers will spawn before or shortly after the exfil chopper leaves. The number of Manglers that do spawn is somewhat random, as I saw as many as seven of them spawn during one exfil process. However, you might also get unlucky and only see one pop up.

It’s also important to remember that you need to do a majority of the damage to a Special Zombie in order for the kill to count towards the Serpentinite challenge. So, for example, if another player comes along and joins your exfil, you need to ensure you kill the Mangler or any other Special Zombie before they can deal too much damage to it.

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If you want even more Special Zombies to appear, you can farm exfil points in the Medium Threat Zone. This causes more Manglers and some Disciples to appear (along with the occasional Mimic). Of course, these Special Zombies are much harder to kill since you’re in a more difficult zone, so I only recommend doing this if you are Pack-A-Punched.

To streamline the Serpentinite process, follow the steps below:

  • Load into a match with two weapons from your Insured Slots
  • Immediately head to an exfil point
  • Call for an exfil and kill all of the Manglers/Disciples that spawn
  • Wait for the exfil to pop again and call for the chopper
  • Rinse and repeat until both of your weapons have Serpentinite camo
  • Leave the match, use two new weapons from your Insured Slots, and repeat the process

If you follow those steps, you’ll have Borealis camo before you know it in MW3 Zombies.

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