The best Vaznev-9K loadout in Warzone
Vaznev-9K loadout Warzone
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The best Vaznev-9K loadout in Warzone

A top SMG

Currently, the SMG meta in Call of Duty: Warzone consists of two weapons, the Lachman Sub and the ISO 9mm. However, there is always room for another weapon or two, and the Vaznev-9K is one of the more logical choices for you to use if you’re sick of the two meta SMGs. Of course, to get the most out of the Vaznev-9K, you need to use its strongest loadout in Warzone.

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The Vaznev-9K is currently one of, if not the best, SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It’s the meta choice for professional players in competitive play, featuring little recoil and great damage range. However, it doesn’t quite have the stats of the top meta SMGs, which has kept some players from using it consistently in Warzone. While I can’t increase the Vaznev’s fire rate, I can boost other stats with some key attachments. Those stat increases, paired with some decent shots on the side of the player, might just make the Vaznev-9K a meta pick in Season 6.

To see the full loadout for the Vaznev-9K in Warzone, keep reading below.

Best Vaznev-9K loadout in Warzone

  • Muzzle: Bruen Pendulum
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip

Aside from the magazine, every attachment on this loadout is focused on recoil or mobility in some way. The Bruen Pendulum increases it both horizontally and vertically while the FSS Sharkfin 90 helps with aiming stability.

For mobility, I have equipped the Otrezat Stock and the True-Tac Grip. Both of these attachments increase aim down sights time and sprint-to-fire speed. Finally, the 45 Round magazine gives players enough bullets to last in a multi-enemy gunfight without having to reload.

The Vaznev-9K is one of the better submachine guns you can use in Warzone Season 6, but it won’t fully outclass the top meta guns in the game.

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