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The Call of Duty Mobile battle royale finally has a new map and, as a part of the second anniversary, it’s Blackout from Black Ops 4. Blackout was the first battle royale map that Call of Duty introduced as a franchise. As such, it holds a special place in the hearts of many veteran players. However, for the new crowd that hasn’t experienced the map in its heyday, they should know all of the pertinent details of Blackout. This starts with learning the best spots to drop.

As in any battle royale, dropping at a location is arguably the most important decision of the early game. If players drop in a location with horrible loot or one that’s surrounded by enemies, their experience won’t be as pleasant. That’s why Upcomer is giving players all of the best spots to drop in Blackout for any playstyle.

Best spots to drop in COD Mobile Blackout

There are a couple of important aspects to consider when figuring out where to drop in Blackout. Firstly, players should consider what kind of action they want. If they want high-octane action with enemies swarming them, there are a few locations they should avoid and a few that they should think about.

Next, players should consider the available loot at a given location. Certain drop spots offer better chances for loot than others. Below, players can find the best drop spots for their preferred playstyle.

Aggressive player drop spots

  • Firing Range
  • Nuketown Island
  • Hijacked/Estates
  • Rivertown

Listed above are the four to five spots on the COD Mobile Blackout map that should offer the most action right away. A majority of players will land at these spots simply based on their reputation from the original Blackout map in Black Ops 4. The best location out of these four is Firing Range, though. It offers a solid amount of loot and cover, giving players a chance to gear up and also avoid enemies if they wish.

COD Mobile Blackout map
The full map of Blackout in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

 Passive player drop spots

  • Turbine
  • Hydro Dam
  • Array
  • Train Station

In a given match, some of these drop spots will see more action than others. Train Station or Array will likely have more players than Turbine or Hydro Dam. That said, if players truly don’t want any competition at their drop spot, Turbine or a little south of it, will yield the best results. Hydro Dam is also a solid option because it has a ton of buildings with loot.

High-kill potential drop spots

  • Cargo Docks (Cranes)
  • Fracking Tower (Top of the towers)
  • Lighthouse (Top of the lighthouse)

Finally, the last few drop spots are locations that won’t see the most amount of players but can yield more kill opportunities. This is because each of the three spots have high-ground positions that players can use to their advantage. The advantageous spots are laid out above and, if players can get into the spots, they can dominate the enemies below them for some easy kills.