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Longshot medals have always been tricky to earn in any Call of Duty title, with Vanguard being no exception. Just like in previous titles, players need anywhere from 50-200 longshots with any weapon in order to earn Gold camo for that gun in Vanguard. This can be a herculean task, especially with a submachine gun or pistol. However, players can use a newly discovered spot that makes earning longshots a breeze.

To earn a longshot, players need to be a certain range depending on the weapon they’re using. Shotguns require a much shorter range than a sniper rifle for a kill to qualify as a longshot, for example. With this new spot, though, players won’t have to worry about being at a far enough distance to earn their longshot.

Earning longshots with ease in Vanguard

The spot that players can take advantage of is located on the map Paradise. This map was introduced with the Season 1 update in Vanguard. While it might take some time to get a match on Paradise, players need to take full advantage of one spot while they’re playing on it.

This particular spot was discovered by a player on Reddit, who showcased themselves earning a massive amount of longshots in the location.

You need longshots? from CODVanguard

The spot is right off one of the spawns on Paradise. The player looks straight down the giant hill with the bridge in the middle and they can see the other team spawning in. Using a night-vision scope, the player can see any enemy crossing the path as they come off their spawn.

As players will notice, this clip takes place in a Hardcore game mode. This allows the player to earn kills with only a couple of bullets instead of the five-six it would take in core playlists. If players want to use this spot on Paradise, they should equip their weapon with recoil-boosting attachments, a high-zoom scope and a large magazine. From here, all they need to do is get behind that rock, aim down the straightaway and feast off of the confused enemies.

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