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The submachine guns (SMGs) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are some of the best choices we’ve ever had to start a Call of Duty multiplayer.

Out of the eight weapons in the class, pretty much all of them are usable in their own right. While some are certainly better than others, players won’t be putting themselves at a giant disadvantage by using any of the eight options. Of course, players will still want to know which SMGs are considered to be the best in Modern Warfare 2.

In this guide, we’ll be showcasing our picks for the top three SMGs currently in MW2 multiplayer. Players should keep in mind that this list will likely change once our first weapon balancing update drops on Nov. 16 with Season 1. For now, though, this is our list.

1. Vaznev-9K

Provided by Activision

The Vaznev-9K is our pick for the best all-around submachine gun in MW2. While some players might disagree, we feel that this SMG is the best overall weapon in its class. The Vaznev has terrific stats and can be used effectively at any range, including from beyond 30 meters. It acts like a mini-AR at long range while staying competitive with other SMGs at close range. There’s a reason why professional players have used the Vaznev exclusively as their SMG of choice.

2. Fennec 45

Provided by Activision

Next up, in a very close second place, we have the Fennec 45. This is likely the best SMG in some players’ minds, but we think the Vaznev-9K slightly edges out the Fennec due to its capabilities at longer ranges. However, if you’re playing on a small map, there’s no other gun besides the Fennec that you want in your hands. It shoots incredibly fast, has a surprisingly low amount of recoil, and can kill enemies within the blink of an eye.

3. Minibak

Provided by Activision

The third spot was a toss-up between the Lachmann Sub and the Minibak. While the Lachmann Sub is a tremendous SMG, the Minibak feels more consistent to us match over match. It also has the benefit of a giant base magazine, making multiple gunfights a breeze. The Minibak also packs a punch and has laser-like accuracy in addition to being perhaps the most mobile SMG in MW2. It’s currently an underrated SMG that should get more attention from players in multiplayer.

Honorable mentions

The two honorable mentions we’ll list are the Lachmann Sub and FSS Hurricane. Both are fantastic guns, but feel a little too inconsistent to be placed in our top three. The Hurricane has some of the best ADS and sprint-to-fire times in MW2 while the Lachmann Sub is a lethal weapon at close range.

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