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The marksman rifle category has received a plethora of attention early on in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

This is mainly because of the sheer dominance of the SP-R 208, which is considered to be one of the most overpowered weapons in the game. As such, many players are expecting a nerf to come through for the SP-R in the coming days or weeks. Players will need a new marksman rifle to use. While there are plenty of options, we recommend the SA-B 50, which has a surprisingly strong loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

Compared to the SP-R, the SA-B has a larger magazine by default and is slightly more mobile. However, the SP-R has a better damage range profile, which is why it’s received so much attention thus far. Although, the SA-B isn’t too far behind. If players want to push the SA-B to its limit, they’ll need to equip its best set of attachments.

To see the best loadout for the SA-B 50 in MW2, keep reading the guide below.

Best SA-B 50 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

As with any marksman rifle, players are going to be focused on quick scoping with the SA-B. This means the loadout for the SA-B will feature more mobility attachments than anything.

  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV
  • Stock: XRK Specter Mod
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt

Using this loadout, players will see an immediate improvement in the SA-B 50’s mobility. Almost every attachment is dedicated to improving either aim down sights speed or sprint-to-fire time. I have decided not to equip an optic, as the iron sights for the SA-B 50 are tremendous for quickscoping ability. However, if you want to equip one, I would suggest a red dot sight. Either way, you can quickscope enemies much easier without a bulky sight in your way.

As a final note, you can use the SA-B 50 in the new Modern Warfare 3 and use this same loadout to great effect. However, you will need to change most of the rest of the class, as the perks have been entirely changed in the new multiplayer title. You can still use the same lethal or tactical as well as a similar secondary weapon. Of course, I suggest using some of the new content first so you can experience some of the fresh items in MW3.

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