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Prop Hunt is one of the most popular game modes COD Mobile has ever released. Players are more than happy with the gameplay of the mode after a little over a week of playtime. Aside from a few glitches, Prop Hunt runs smoothly and provides a break from the regular competitive nature of ranked or standard playlists. With such booming popularity, many players are trying to do their best to succeed. However, the only way you can succeed in Prop Hunt is by finding unique hiding spots. Today, we’re going to go over the best hiding spots on Winter Raid for Prop Hunt in COD Mobile.

1. Courtyard Christmas Tree

In this list, we won’t be going over any glitched spots, as they’ll likely be patched soon. That said, first on our list is the Winter Raid Christmas Tree in the middle courtyard. For this hiding spot, you want to transform into something extremely small, like a box or basketball.

COD Mobile Winter Raid Prop Hunt
Photo Credit to @AnonymousYT on YouTube

Once you are a small object, hop up on one of the rocks surrounding the tree. Once on the rock, simply hop again onto the middle part of the tree. If done correctly, you should be well hidden inside the Christmas tree. Unless an enemy shoots the entire tree, you won’t be spotted for the duration of the round.

2. Basketball court rooftop

The best hiding spots are those that can’t be seen by an enemy player. Some open area spots can fool your enemies, but they have a lower chance of success than unseen ones. One spot where you can’t be seen is the Winter Raid basketball court. More specifically, on top of the court.

To the left of the spiral staircase, you’ll find a lamp in-between some rocks. Transform into a small-to-medium-sized object and jump on top of this lamp. Next, you want to face the basketball hoop, turn slightly to the right, and attempt to jump on the snow-covered rooftop. Once you do that, simply stay up there and enjoy the rest of the round.

3. Swimming pool presents

As aforementioned, we’re looking for hiding spots that require an enemy to go to extreme lengths to find you. Just below the swimming pool house, you’ll see a stack of presents on top of some snow. Once again, turn into a small object and make your way up to the ledge where the presents are.

Photo Credit to AnonymousYT on YouTube

After you make it up there, squeeze behind all of the presents. You should only be visible to the left side, but enemies rarely go into that corner. As a safety measure, you can hide behind the pole that is near the presents so you can’t be seen at all.

Those are some of the best hiding spots in COD Mobile‘s Winter Raid Prop Hunt! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty guides and news.