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During the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta, there’s really been one weapon that’s dominated a majority of matches. The M4 is easily the most popular gun that players have chosen to use, at least for the PlayStation-only portion of the beta. Of course, this largely stems from the fact that the M4 is the first weapon players unlock in the Gunsmith. It also doesn’t hurt when you consider just how strong the M4 is in Modern Warfare 2, especially when kitted out with the best loadout.

The M4 is a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, specifically the Modern Warfare games. It’s gone by a few different names throughout the franchise’s history but this version is essentially a carbon copy of its Modern Warfare 2019 version. Players will find it behaves similarly, although it has some extra recoil in MW2. Luckily, players can mitigate that recoil with a couple of attachments that are unlockable through the Gunsmith in the beta.

Best M4 loadout in Modern Warfare 2

Players should keep in mind that while this loadout is effective, it presumably will not be the strongest loadout for the M4 when MW2 fully releases in October. As of right now, we only have access to a handful of attachments in the beta, so this limits us when creating a loadout in the Gunsmith. Still, these attachments do make the M4 a stronger weapon.

  • Muzzle: Echoline GS-X Suppressor
  • Barrel: Tempus Hightower 20″
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Stock: Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip
  • Receiver: M4

There are a couple of noteworthy attachments with this M4 loadout, the first being the Echoline GS-X Suppressor. Since UAVs are so powerful in MW2 during the beta, staying off of the mini-map when firing is crucial. With the Suppressor, players can accomplish that at the sacrifice of damage range. However, that sacrifice is immediately made up with the Tempus Hightower 20″ barrel.

The M4’s best loadout will look different in a month’s time, but for right now, this is a great set of attachments for the rifle in MW2.

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