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The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 3 weapon tuning update hit many weapons in multiplayer hard. Guns like the AUG, Stoner 63 and others were nerfed significantly. As a result, players have been forced to find alternatives. Of course, this means that other weapons get a chance to see the light of the day, and this especially rings true for the M16.

Since Black Ops Cold War released, the AUG has reigned supreme in the tactical rifle class. It featured unparalleled damage and accuracy. This meant that the fellow tac rifle, the M16, took a backseat. However, with the AUG nerfed in Season 3, the M16 can finally see some use. For players looking to start using the weapon, there’s a terrific loadout that will put the AUG in the rearview mirror.

Best M16 loadout in Black Ops Cold War

While there are some key differences, the M16 and AUG are similar in several areas. Both weapons are three-round burst tactical rifles that can one-burst enemies with the right number of headshots. However, in Season 3, the AUG may not be able to match what the M16 can do damage-wise.

The M16 still needs some specific attachments in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

  • Optic: Visiontech 2x
  • Barrel: 15.9″ Strike Team
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Magazine: 45 RND
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

This loadout doesn’t specialize in any one area but it does balance the M16 quite well. To start off, the Visiontech 2x is a great scope but can be changed out depending on the player’s preference. What can’t be switched out is the 15.9″ Strike Team barrel, which increases overall damage and fire rate while only sacrificing some range.

Following up the barrel is the Field Agent Grip, which reduces the gun’s recoil to virtually zero. Next, the 45 RND mag is a solid choice to give the M16 more bullets without sacrificing much. Lastly, the Airborne Elastic wrap is in place to help with aim down sights time for when players need to bring the weapon up quickly.