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Caldera is the brand new map in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and players are starting to become familiar with its layout and locations. While the theme and colors are a complete turn from Verdansk, Caldera features the same high-octane action that was so present on the previous map. However, if players are looking for more or less action in their matches, they need to know the best landing spots on Caldera.

Landing spots can dictate how an entire match will go for a team in a battle royale. These spots can yield the items that players need to take down enemy teams or they can ensure that players build up enough equipment to outlast the rest of the lobby. Below, players can see the top three spots to land on Caldera in Warzone Pacific.

1. Capital

Early on in the life of Caldera, Capital appears to be one of, if not the biggest, hot drops on the map. It’s a downtown area that features a plethora of buildings and a train that players can use to get around the map easier. Speaking of vehicles, Capital holds a high likelihood of spawning one of the many vehicles in Warzone Pacific.

If players want to stick around the location, though, there’s plenty of loot for players to pick up. Having a solid loot weapon in Vanguard Royale, specifically, is more important than ever with the changes to the Loadout Drops. Capital can ensure that players have the best weapon possible but they’ll also be surrounded by enemies.

2. Fields

Fields on Caldera in Warzone Pacific
The Fields POI on Caldera. | Provided by Activision

Fields is almost the exact opposite of Capital, as it features little buildings and wide-open spaces. The action that players will see at Fields depends on the match. Sometimes, multiple teams will land there and, other times, players will be alone.

If there are more than a few enemies, players should try and get inside some of the buildings that are scattered around the area. They can loot up and then take on any enemies using the buildings as cover. Most of the action at Fields will take place at the northern farmhouse, though. There are some surrounding buildings that players can try and loot up in first and then take on enemies who landed in the farmhouse.

3. Mines

Mines is a solid middle ground between Capital and Fields. There are enough buildings for players to loot but outside is mostly open. However, there are levels of elevation that players can use to their advantage to catch enemies off-guard.

Inside of the buildings, players should run into an enemy or two while trying to loot. The buildings are connected with each other so that’s something players need to keep in mind if they decide to go straight for some loot inside. Mines is usually populated with at least a couple of teams, so it’s a perfect spot for those looking for a decent amount of action in Warzone Pacific.

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