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The LA-B 330 was the primary sniper of choice amongst professional Call of Duty League players in the first official matches of the 2023 Modern Warfare 2 season.

Players such as Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal and Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan had the sniper equipped at multiple points during their Search and Destroy games. Players that watched those pros dominate with the LA-B might be itching to try out the sniper on their own. The best way to do that in a competitive environment is to hop into CDL Moshpit, Modern Warfare 2’s newest game mode. If players truly want to take advantage of the LA-B 330 in CDL Moshpit, though, they need the sniper’s best loadout.

CDL Moshpit uses competitive rulesets and mapsets that are currently employed by the Call of Duty League. Essentially, minus a few weapons and equipment, players are following the same ruleset that pros do when they play in their official matches. The game mode is a terrific environment for players to get accustomed to competitive play in MW2, especially before the full-fledged Ranked Play mode releases. Players that are looking to snipe in CDL Moshpit will feel even more comfortable if they know the best attachments for the LA-B 330.

Best LA-B 330 loadout for CDL Moshpit

It’s unclear exactly what loadouts pros were running during the first weekend of matches in the CDL. However, the loadout we have was one used by Brandon “Dashy” Otell earlier in the season.

  • Barrel: 23.5” Fluted R-67 Barrel
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity Ammo
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt
  • Stock: ZLR T70 Pad Extension Stock

This loadout emphasizes an increase in damage range and bullet velocity as well as mobility. Basically, players see an increase in the most important stats for a sniper, and the LA-B 330 is turned into a much stronger gun because of them.

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