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The L-CAR9 and KSP-45 from Black Ops 3 + Cold War were the guns released in Season 6 of the game. Players could unlock them by progressing through their Battle Pass, but now they can simply complete a challenge to unlock them. Either way players do it, they’ll have the ability to level up the guns and equip more attachments on them.

The L-CAR 9 is a machine pistol that players can actually use as a mini-submachine gun if they so choose. However, the gun is best served as a secondary option to an assault rifle or sniper rifle. This allows players to deal with enemies at long range with their rifle primary weapon and then swap to the pistol secondary for any close-range gunfights. This way, players get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice a perk slot on Overkill.

Of course, players will still need to use the best loadout for the L-CAR 9 if they want to get the most out of it in COD Mobile.

Best L-CAR 9 loadout in COD Mobile

  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Stock: Agile Stock
  • Laser: 5mW Combat Laser
  • Ammunition: Fast Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape

The main purpose of the loadout for the L-CAR 9 is to make it more mobile. This is mainly so players can swap to it from their primary weapon and immediately gain a boost of speed. Players don’t even need to use the pistol in a gunfight; they can just run around with it to gain extra speed and then swap to their primary once a gunfight emerges. However, if players do happen to get into a gunfight with the L-CAR 9, they’ll be able to snap onto the target thanks to the Agile Stock, 5mW Combat Laser and Rustle Grip Tape. All of these attachments improve the L-CAR’s ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds.

Whether you’re using it as a normal secondary or trying to make it your primary weapon, this L-CAR 9 loadout in COD Mobile will get the job done.

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