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The weapon meta within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War doesn’t change much with every new season. While players might use the new guns more than others, the top weapons from Season 1 are still holding their spot in Season 4. This includes weapons like the AK74u, LW3 Tundra, M16 and Krig 6.

Whether players are hopping into standard Team Deathmatch or League Play, the Krig 6 is among the best options. It dominates at medium-range but it’s no slouch at close or long-range either. This makes designing a loadout for the Krig 6 one of the easiest tasks in Cold War.

Best Krig 6 loadout in Black Ops Cold War

The best way to build the Krig 6 is with attachments that boost several different stat areas. Focusing on just one area will limit its ability to be overly effective at all ranges against varying weapon types.

While maximizing something like damage range is important for an AR, it’s also imperative to ensure that the Krig 6 can withstand an onslaught of SMGs at close-range or take down a sniper rifle at 40-50 meters.

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Barrel: 19.7″ Takedown
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock

There aren’t many attachments more useful in Black Ops Cold War than the Takedown barrels. This monster attachment increases damage range by 150% while only decreasing sprinting move speed by 5%. It’s a no-brainer for the recommended Krig 6 loadout. Aside from that, there’s an emphasis on combatting SMG players with two mobility-boosting attachments in the Airborne Elastic Wrap and Raider Stock. Players’ ADS and sprint-to-fire time are both increased by 30%.

Finally, the Microflex LED sight can excel at any range but it is most usable at close to medium-range. Also, the 40 Rnd magazine simply allows players more time in a gunfight without having to reload. There aren’t any glaring weaknesses with this Krig 6 loadout.