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When it comes to designing a loadout in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s Create-A-Class, there are a few aspects to consider. Of course, the first is choosing the right weapon, which we went over in a previous article. However, after that, there are several smaller aspects that can make or break your class. This includes perks, equipment, and the field upgrade. While the field upgrade isn’t as important as the other features, it still offers some interesting options to spice up your class. Naturally, there’s one that has stood out thus far in Black Ops Cold War.

Choosing the right Field Upgrade in Black Ops Cold War

Currently, in multiplayer, there are seven field upgrades that players can choose from for each of their classes. Out of these seven, there aren’t any that are completely useless to equip. Items like the Jammer and Assault Pack have their niche within Black Ops Cold War and offer different benefits.

However, out of the seven, we feel that one stands out from the rest. That Field Upgrade would be the Field Mic, which is unlocked as soon as you load up multiplayer. The official description for the Field Mic reads “Deploys a recording device that highlights enemy sounds on your minimap.”

call of duty black ops cold war multiplayer - the best field upgrade
Image via Activision

If you played Modern Warfare 3, you might recognize this field upgrade as the Portable Radar. Although, in Black Ops Cold War, you can’t continually pick up the Field Mic. Instead, you place it down in a hidden spot that will see a lot of traffic. Then, your minimap will have a small circle pop up and if any enemy crosses through that area, you’ll see a moving red dot.

It’s not hard to see why the community feels this is the best Field Upgrade. The ability to see enemies on your radar before they see you is an invaluable tool. Also, if you place the Field Mic in a strategic spot, enemies won’t destroy it for the whole match. If you use this item correctly, it can singlehandedly earn you enough kills to reach that high scorestreak.

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