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If you’ve been looking to hop into CDL Moshpit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then you’re going to need a strong weapon at your side. Players that have watched professional matches in the Call of Duty League might think that the Vaznev-9K and M4 are the only guns they can use since those are the pros’ guns of choice. However, there are several other viable weapons available in CDL Moshpit. One that players should consider is the Fennec 45, which has a lethal CDL Moshpit loadout.

The reason players don’t see the Fennec 45 used in official CDL matches is because the pros actually banned the gun amongst themselves. The logic behind this decision was that the Fennec is simply too strong at close range, given its extremely high rate of fire and little recoil. While the pros might not use the Fennec, there’s nothing stopping players from using the submachine gun in CDL Moshpit games. For players that are interested in using the Fennec, they’ll need the SMG’s best set of competitive attachments to compete against the Vaznev-9K.

Best Fennec 45 loadout in CDL Moshpit

Like most other competitive weapons, the Fennec benefits from using less than five attachments. By using less, players keep the Fennec’s high stats intact while boosting its lower stats.

  • Muzzle: AVR-T90 Comp
  • Underbarrel: Agent Grip
  • Stock: FTAC Locktight Stock
  • Rear Grip: Fennec Stippled Grip

This loadout gives the Fennec better recoil control in addition to much stronger mobility. The AVR-T90 Comp muzzle and the Fennec Stipped Grip both increase recoil control while the FTAC Locktight Stock increases overall mobility. Finally, the Agent Grip gives the Fennec 45 stronger hip-fire accuracy and aiming stability. Players will have an all-around strong Fennec 45 on their hands in CDL Moshpit with this loadout.

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