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There are two distinct ways to play Call of Duty: Vanguard: with a controller and with a keyboard and mouse. The former is still the traditional way to play the franchise, though the latter is quickly becoming more popular as Call of Duty puts more of an effort into the PC version of its games. For the majority of players, controllers are the way to go. And every year these players are required to tinker with their settings in the in-game menu.

However, some players have a tough time navigating the settings menu, while others are simply looking to use whatever is most popular within the community. For these reasons, Upcomer has compiled what we’ve found to be the best controller settings for players to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Best controller settings for Vanguard

The controller settings are split up into multiple parts in Call of Duty: Vanguard. These different menus will be listed below with some brief explanations on why certain choices were made.

Basic Controls

  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.9
  • Button Layout Preset: Tactical
  • Flip L1/R1 with L2/R2: Personal preference
  • Invert Vertical Look (On Foot): Off
  • Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic
  • Controller Vibration: Off

While we’ve found the above settings to be ideal, most of these values come down to personal preferences. When it comes to settings like sensitivity and L1/R1 orientation, players should adjust these values based on their comfort level as they get more playtime. However, setting the “Button Layout Preset” to “Tactical” is truly the most optimal setting in Call of Duty with a controller. The Tactical button layout puts the Crouch action on the right stick instead of melee. This allows players to get into a more strategic position without moving their fingers to another button.

Call of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Vanguard releases on Nov. 5. | Provided by Activision


  • Target Aim Assist: On
  • Target Aim Assist Mode: Default (Vanguard)
  • Airborne Mantle: Manual
  • Grounded Mantle: Off
  • Automatic Ground Mantle: Off
  • Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint
  • Sprint Cancels Reload: Off
  • Weapon Mount Activation: ADS + Melee
  • Weapon Mount Movement Exit: On
  • Weapon Mount Exit Delay: Short
  • Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: On

These settings are fairly straightforward so there isn’t much to go over here. The main takeaway in this section is that players will want to enable Automatic Tactical Sprint. This will make life much easier on players’ thumbs in the long run and possibly save them from breaking one or more controllers.

Action Behavior

  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold
  • Equipment Behavior: Hold
  • Steady Aim Behavior: Hold
  • Interact/Reload Behavior: Prioritize Reload
  • Automatic Fire Behavior: Hold

Once again, these are some fairly straightforward quality of life settings. Using these settings will simply ease the gameplay experience and give players more control over what they do.

Advanced Controls

  • ADS Sens. Multiplier (Steady Aim): 0.90
  • Stick Layout Preset: Default
  • ADS Stick Swap: Off
  • L2 Button Deadzone: 0
  • R2 Button Deadzone: 0
  • Left Stick Min Input Deadzone: 0
  • Right Stick Min Input Deadzone: 0
  • Left Stick Max Input Deadzone: 99
  • Right Stick Max Input Deadzone: 99

The biggest aspect of the advanced controls are the Deadzone settings. Players will want to start their Left and Right Stick Min Input Deadzones at zero to see how much stick drift they have. From here, players can increase the input by small values until they have no stick drift (which is when the controller moves without the player touching it).