The best comps from the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets NA regional finals
TFT Gizmos and Gadgets NA Regional Finals comps

The best comps from the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets NA regional finals

Jhin, Sivir and Draven reigned supreme at the last tourney of TFT Set 6.5 in NA.
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The final North American Teamfight Tactics tournament in the Gizmos and Gadgets season has finally passed. With the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets NA Regional Finals sending NA’s best to the world championship, it’s time to look back at what the best comps those players piloted.

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Here are the three best comps that won games in the Top 8 of last weekend’s tournament.

Goose’s Jhin Snipers

Yes, Jhin can still win lobbies in TFT Set 6.5. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Jhin in TFT Set 6 has been like a Hall of Famer at the end of his career. People are aware of Jhin’s legacy but are not threatened by him anymore. But in the finals of the most important tournament of the set, Team Liquid’s Aleksey “Goose” Tvorogov put his faith in the man past his prime. His faith was rewarded as Jhin put up an incredible performance. Despite going up against the dreaded combo of Irelia and Sivir, it was Goose’s Jhin Sniper comp, with triple Zeke’s Herald to give Jhin the juice he needed to beat these newer champs, that came out on top.

Milk’s Draven Bodyguards

Draven is a force in the meta game especially with this kind of frontline. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Although Jeffrey “Milk” Pan went into the finals as a Sivir one-trick. But when things don’t go as planned, the best players are able to adapt. Milk decided to abandon Sivir in Game 4 to play the safe but lethal Debonair Draven comp. Except he didn’t go for Draven as his VIP. Instead, it was Leona as the Debonair VIP with a best-in-slot tank build. To buy even more time for Draven, Milk played Galio, Braum and even put a Bodyguard emblem on Jayce to make sure he has an unkillable frontline. It doesn’t matter if Draven is the VIP with that frontline because he will be the MVP in any drawn-out fight.

Ramblinn’s Sivir

If players want to play Sivir, using this version is a good starting point. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

The story of the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets NA Regionals has been the emergence of Sivir, so of course there had to be a Sivir comp included here. That message, though, wasn’t only sent by Milk. It’s actually from “Ramblinnn” in Game 6. After a crucial Mercenary cash-out, Ramblinnn was able to ride the bank straight to a win and with it, a spot at the Last Chance Qualifier. His comp here is pretty much exactly what players want when playing Sivir. His Sivir items are not 100% best in slot but are definitely great. With the four-piece Striker trait and a good frontline, this comp was definitely strong enough to win the lobby. However, Ramblinnn erased any doubt as he hit Sivir three-star on the very last round.


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