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Following the Season 4 Reloaded update in Call of Duty: Warzone, many players are naming the C58 assault rifle the best weapon in the game. In fact, there are stats to back up this claim, as Raven Software buffed the AR’s damage profile. However, the C58 simply feels more powerful because the other top rifles are receiving such hefty nerfs.

Thanks to those nerfs, the C58 is now among the most popular weapons in Warzone. It has a steady damage output, great range and near laser-like accuracy. The C58 has drawn the attention of streamers and casual players alike, but there’s still some confusion around the best loadout to use for the Black Ops Cold War AR. Today, that confusion is put to rest.

Best C58 loadout in Warzone

Unlike some other rifles in Warzone, the C58 doesn’t have any particular areas of need. This means that players mostly have free reign when it comes to designing the loadout. Though, there are certain attachments that are valued above others. Attachments that boost damage range, bullet velocity and accuracy are always featured on a top loadout, and the C58 is no different.

The loadout for the C58 in Warzone provides a significant boost to its already terrific stats.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 18.5″ Task Force
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd Drum

This C58 loadout is meant to deal damage at longer ranges while still promoting solid accuracy in Warzone. The Field Agent Grip and Axial Arms 3x scope allow the C58 to keep its laser-like accuracy. The grip attachment greatly reduces recoil and the scope is a perfect zoom for medium to long-range gunfights.

For damage purposes, the Agency Suppressor and 18.5″ Task Force barrel are in place. Damage range is increased with both the bullet velocity and recoil also being buffed. Finally, the 45 Rnd Drum is a basic ammunition attachment that gives players a few extra bullets in each clip for any longer gunfights. This C58 loadout is primed and ready to take over Warzone.