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Among all of the glitches and broken items currently in Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Bayonet attachment might top the list. With the right pairing of attachments, the Bayonet on a weapon acts like the Commando Pro perk from Modern Warfare 2. Essentially, players can melee opponents from a far distance, much farther than Sledgehammer Games likely intended. So, while the attachment is still in Vanguard, players can take advantage of it and use the recommended Bayonet loadout.

There’s only one other attachment that players must equip to make the Bayonet as effective as possible. However, to ensure that players can get as many kills as possible, they should equip other items on their loadout. The full loadout that players want to use with the Bayonet in Vanguard is listed below.

Best Bayonet loadout in Vanguard

With the Bayonet, all players need to do is touch an opponent with the edge of their blade to get a kill. This is normally difficult since the range to get the kill is extremely close. In Vanguard, though, players can charge at their opponents and earn a kill from several meters away. This is breaking lobbies on smaller maps like Das Haus and Dome.

For players that wish to copy the enemies who are killing them with the Bayonet, they can look below.

  • Weapon: STG44
  • Attachments: Bayonet Underbarrel, Fleet Proficiency and Reach Kit + recommended STG44 loadout attachments
  • Perks: Dauntless, Tracker, Double Time
  • Field Upgrade: Armor Plates

This loadout allows players to sprint around the map with the most speed possible and even see where enemies have gone with the Tracker perk. Players can use any assault rifle with the Bayonet attachment but the STG44 is currently the best one available in Vanguard.

All players need to do is ensure they’re using the Reach Kit with the Bayonet and they’ll be good to go to start charging at enemies and stabbing them for an easy kill.