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An assault rifle is always at the top of the Call of Duty: Warzone meta. No matter the season or weapon balancing update that comes through, there’s always been an AR used by the majority of players in Warzone. This makes determining the best assault rifle in the game a very important choice.

With the Black Ops Cold War integration, there are more rifles than ever to choose from. Of course, some of the ARs, like the recently nerfed FFAR, can immediately be eliminated. However, the choice doesn’t come down to just two or three rifles. There are several in contention for the top spot but only one can stand above the rest in Season 3.

Best assault rifle in Warzone

For most players, the contenders for the best AR come down to three weapons: the RAM-7, the Cold War AK-47 and the Krig 6. The CR-56 AMAX had been the clear choice prior to its nerf in early May, which made it fall off significantly.

Now, the choice is narrowed to one Modern Warfare and two Cold War rifles. In recent weeks, the RAM-7 made its way up the popularity charts as streamers like Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier began using it more frequently. However, for the majority of players, the RAM-7 takes too long to completely master; its recoil pattern can be all over the place. Still, for more experienced players, there’s no going wrong with the RAM-7, provided the right loadout is used.

That leaves the Cold War AK-47 and Krig 6 in the running. On the one hand, the Cold War AK-47 features much better mobility and can deal a huge amount of damage. On the other hand, the Krig 6 is a laser beam at medium to long-range while also providing a similar damage output.

Krig-6 in Black Ops Cold War
The Krig 6 in Black Ops Cold War. | Provided by Activision

For Warzone specifically, the Krig 6 edges out the AK-47 thanks to its extremely low recoil and consistent damage. There are simply more medium to long-range engagements where a weapon like the Krig comes in handy. While the AK-47 shines at close to medium-range, that role can be filled by SMGs like the MP5 or LC10.

No other weapon in Warzone shoots as straight as the Krig. This gives it an advantage over most other rifles in the game. This, paired with its damage and other loadout benefits, makes it the best AR in Warzone.

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