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For the past month in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer, the AR class has been dominated by two weapons. The STG44 and Automaton have taken turns atop the class, both featuring terrific stats and loadouts. While those weapons are still among the best in Vanguard, a new contender has entered the fray courtesy of the Season 1 update. This has thrown the conversation around the best AR in Vanguard into a heated debate.

At Tier 15 of the Season 1 Battle Pass, players can unlock the Cooper Carbine, a fast-firing assault rifle. While it looks like more of an SMG, the Cooper Carbine features stats to rival that of the STG44 and Automaton. However, is the Cooper Carbine strong enough to dethrone either of those rifles as the best AR in Vanguard?

The Best AR in Vanguard Season 1

The Season 1 update didn’t do anything to diminish the strength of either the STG44 or Automaton. So the conversation surrounding the best AR in multiplayer comes down to whether or not the Cooper Carbine has surpassed those rifles.

While players can’t truly go wrong with any of the three rifles, the Cooper Carbine just edges out the STG44 and Automaton in Season 1. Its versatility is what separates it in Vanguard, with players able to use it as an SMG and AR simultaneously. The Cooper Carbine’s fire rate is absolutely lethal when players pair it with recoil-boosting attachments. Throw in some extra damage range and the Cooper Carbine, on its ideal loadout, becomes the best AR in Vanguard.

Though players have to wait or spend money to unlock the gun through the Battle Pass, this AR is worth it. The Cooper Carbine can decimate enemies at any range, featuring almost no recoil, has a blistering high fire rate and deals above-average damage when using the recommended loadout. Unless the STG44 or Automaton receive a buff or the Cooper Carbine gets a nerf, the new AR is the strongest rifle in Season 1.

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