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In Season 1 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, the most popular weapon combination to use is still an AR and SMG. While light machine guns like the Bren are beginning to cement their spot in the meta, ARs and SMGs are still the most picked weapons. The popularity of these classes doesn’t, however, narrow down which weapons from each category players should be using.

Currently, there are several contenders for the top spot in the AR and SMG classes. However, this isn’t necessarily about picking the best weapons from each class. It’s more about picking weapons that complement each other when players are running an Overkill loadout. Below, players can see what AR and SMG they should be running on their best Overkill loadout in Warzone Pacific.

Best AR/SMG combo in Warzone Pacific


The AR will kick things off, as it’s usually the main primary weapon that players will run on their classes. There are a few contenders for the spot: the STG44, Cooper Carbine, C58 and Cold War AK-47. However, the Cooper Carbine stands a bit above the rest of the pack in Season 1.

The Cooper Carbine has virtually no recoil and an extremely potent damage range when equipped with the right attachments. While other ARs feature similar stats, few can match the fire rate of the Cooper Carbine. This high rate of fire makes it extremely versatile and allows players to lean less on their secondary SMG in close-range gunfights.


Once again, there are a few weapons that could be placed alongside the Cooper Carbine. The MP40, PPSh-41 (Vanguard), OTs 9 and Type 100 are the first ones that come to mind. Once again, though, it’s a Vanguard weapon that players should slide in on their Overkill loadout. The MP40 possesses some of the best stats in the SMG class and has several viable loadouts that players can run with.

Though guns like the PPSh-41 and OTs 9 feature a higher fire rate, the MP40 has no recoil, can kill enemies in around one second and is extremely mobile. Also, players can equip the Incendiary Ammo Type to add an extra layer of power when firing at enemies. It’s a great complement to the Cooper Carbine, as both weapons can be used interchangeably at close and long-range.