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In last week’s Season 1 Reloaded update, several weapons were adjusted in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The developers at Infinity Ward mainly buffed some of the game’s weaker weapons, which included the .50 GS pistol. The .50 GS, or the Desert Eagle as most fans know it by, was one of the most underwhelming guns in MW2 and Warzone 2 prior to Season 1 Reloaded.

It was particularly noticeable in MW2, as players never really used the .50 GS in Warzone 2 to begin with. Luckily for Modern Warfare 2 players, the .50 GS was buffed significantly, giving its best loadout new meaning in Season 1.

The main issue with the .50 GS before the most recent update was its damage output. Sometimes, it could take up to three shots to kill an enemy with this hand-cannon pistol, which was far too weak. Players could barely get off two shots before an enemy killed them with a more powerful rifle or submachine gun.

That should happen far less often post-Season 1 Reloaded, though, especially when players throw on the .50 GS’ best set of attachments.

Best .50 GS loadout in Modern Warfare 2

The full buffs for the .50 GS in Season 1 Reloaded are viewable below:

  • Reduced hip spread
  • Increased 1 hit headshot range
  • Increased damage range
  • Increased neck and upper shoulder location damage multipliers
  • Increased bullet velocity
  • Increased damage range on SA LONGSHOT – 50 and SA TYRANT FIFTY barrel

As you can see, damage range was the main stat that the developers honed in on with these buffs. This resulted in a new loadout for the .50 GS.

  • Barrel: SA Tyrant Fifty
  • Laser: FJX DIOD-70
  • Trigger Action: SA Hare Trigger
  • Magazine: 13 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: GS .50 Wood Grain

The SA Tyrant Fifty barrel was buffed by increasing its damage range, so we had to throw it on the loadout. Players also get a bump in their magazine size with the 13 Round Mag. The rest of the loadout is focused on improving the .50 GS’ mobility so players can get their gun up faster and land shots onto enemies quicker.

Best .50 GS class setup in Modern Warfare 2

If you want to completely fill out your class setup for the .50 GS in MW2, you can look below for recommendations on perks and equipment.


  • Base Perks – Double Time, Bomb Squad
  • Bonus Perk – Focus
  • Ultimate Perk – Ghost


  • Lethal – Drill Charge
  • Tactical – Stun Grenade

The perks we’ve chosen are Double Time and Bomb Squad to allow players to run faster and survive explosions. Focus is the Bonus Perk pick due to the .50 GS’ tendency to kick when being shot at. The Ultimate Perk is Ghost so players can stay off of the radar when a UAV is in the air.

Finally, our lethal equipment pick is the Drill Charge to flush enemies out of spots and the tactical choice is the basic Stun Grenade to get some easy kills on players who are affected by it.

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