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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a total of 37 weapons available to use at launch. While most of them are quite strong, especially the assault rifles, there are some duds that I recommend you stay away from. Luckily, today I will be going over the top five worst guns you can use in MW3 multiplayer so you know exactly which guns to avoid in the Gunsmith.

These weapons are in order, with number one on the list being the absolute worst gun in the current state of MW3.

5. Haymaker (Shotgun)

The 5 worst guns to use in MW3 multiplayer
Image via Activision

While the Haymaker isn’t an overly horrible weapon, it’s certainly not one to write home about. You will likely find yourself dying before you can land enough bullets to kill an enemy with the Haymaker. It has a weak damage range, a slowish fire rate, and sluggish mobility. There’s just not that much to get excited about with the Haymaker, but it’s not an awful option on a map like Rust or Skidrow.

4. Striker

The 5 worst guns to use in MW3 multiplayer
Image via Activision

It’s so strange to type, but the Striker is among the worst guns you can use in MW3 multiplayer. The SMG has gone from a dominant force in the beta to being extremely underpowered in the full multiplayer experience. While you can still get kills with the Striker, it has a horrible damage output, shaky recoil, and just isn’t better than a majority of the other weapons in MW3.

3. TYR

Image via Activision

Sometimes, a Magnum-type pistol can absolutely wreck a Call of Duty multiplayer. This has happened multiple times in the past, mostly thanks to the Gunsmith system allowing players to equip Akimbo and some type of damage ammunition. However, if you see someone with the TYR, you’re usually pretty happy about it. The TYR has virtually no redeeming qualities and is not worth your secondary slot in any capacity right now.

2. Riveter

Image via Activision

Another shotgun makes the list, which will either make you extremely happy or sad. The Riveter is a semi-auto shotgun that is even weaker than the Haymaker. It takes multiple shots to kill an enemy at any range with the Riveter and its fire rate doesn’t help matters in the slightest. Until a buff comes along for the Riveter, I would stay away from it at all costs.

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1. Sidewinder

Image via Activision

And finally, at the number one spot, we have the Sidewinder. Just by testing this weapon in the Firing Range, I know how bad of a weapon it is. Thanks to reports from other players, I haven’t even attempted to use the Sidewinder in a real match yet due to how dreadful it is. The Sidewinder takes three shots to kill in semi-auto mode, has some of the slowest mobility in MW3, and its fire rate is abysmal for a battle rifle.

And that does it for my list of the worst guns in MW3. I’m sure this list will change as the seasons go on and more weapons get added to the fray in multiplayer. However, as of mid-November, this is where we stand.

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