TFT to release micro patch ahead of regional finals
Jayce's TFT Enforcer trait will be affected by the micro patch

TFT to release micro patch ahead of regional finals

Popular comps, like Socialite Irelia, will be affected
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The Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets competitive season is approaching its end point, with North America and the Europe, Middle East and Africa region holding their regional finals this weekend. However, due to the month long 12.5 patch, lead TFT designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer announced there would be one final micro patch on Wednesday that will fix some lingering bugs that could impact the result of the tournaments.

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On Tuesday, Mortdog made a post revealing the micro patch and detailing the targeted bugs. The first bug revolves around True Justice, an Enforcer trait augment. This augment, when combined with the Giant Slayer item, pumps out unreal damage. Simply getting both is a win condition, at this point.

Another notable bug that the player base has been aware of for some time is the Irelia mana lock bug, where she stops generating mana when she is affected by crowd control.

However, the biggest bug by far was one Mortdog said he found just yesterday. According to him, the Socialite trait is giving champions more damage amplification than intended at the 2, 3 and 5 intervals. This may be the reason why champions like Irelia, who relies on the damage boost from Socialite, have been dominating the metagame.

Mortdog said in his thread that he recognizes this could impact the metagame, but that he hopes this last minute patch will change the tournament for the better all the same.

“Ultimately we feel that yes, it should be fixed and we should be honest and transparent about it ASAP,” Mordog wrote. “It will have an impact on the tournament for sure, but with the state of the game, hopefully, a good one. No one wants to lose to a bug.”

He ended his announcement with an apology and thanked the fan base for playing and enjoying the game.

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