TFT Set 7: Dragonlands PBE will release on May 24
TFT: Set 7, Dragonlands, which releases May 24
Provided by Riot Games

TFT Set 7: Dragonlands PBE will release on May 24

The TFT team also announced details about Dragonlands, new cosmetics and changes to Double Up
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Riot Games released a new Teamfight Tactics video on Tuesday teasing new features of Set 7: Dragonlands, including new traits, new augments and a new set mechanic. The team also announced TFT Set 7 will go live with patch 12.11, and the PBE will release in the late afternoon or evening on May 24.

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Matthew Wittrock, one of the designers working on Dragonlands, went through the host of changes coming with Set 7. For starters, one of Dragonlands’ main set mechanics will revolve around a new trait: Dragon.

Here there be dragons

There will be one dragon for each of the seven “dragon realms.” Two of these units will be Aurelion Sol and Shyvana, but the other five will be repurposed dragon or “dragon-ish” League of Legends models.

The Dragon trait will only activate if a single Dragon champion on the board, although this could change with particular augments. Theses units will also require two team slots — similar to the Set 6 Colossus units — in exchange for extra HP and triple the trait bonus from their Origin. Dragon units also have a unique gold cost that is more expensive than other units of the same rarity.

The Treasure Dragon Event (name pending) is another set mechanic that will replace the Raptors PvE round. According to the video, players will be presented with a pile of treasure that may include gold, item components and other rare items. They can opt to take the pile or use one gold to re-roll and receive an entirely new pile of treasure.

As previously announced, augments will also make a return with Dragonlands. The Hexcore will be replaced by a “Dragon Shrine.” Wittrock said the new, better, balanced augments would also be offered at better times. Some of the augments shown or mentioned in the video include:

  • Eternal Protection: When one of your champions would die, the nearest Jade statue dies instead, transferring 200% of its maximum health to the Champion. Gain an Ashe.
  • Eye of the Storm: The unit in the center of your board gains 2 Mana per second and 20 Ability Power, multiplied by 3 after lightning strikes. Gain a Lee Sin.
  • Sacrificial Pact: Buying XP costs 3 Health instead of gold.
  • Bloodlust: Permanently gives your units 2 Attack Damage for every unit they kill.
  • Think Fast: Gives you free shop refreshes until the end of the round.

Although the video did not mention all of Dragonlands’ units and traits, some of the ones hinted at include:

  • Neeko: Jade, Shapeshifter (4 cost)
  • Varus: Astral, Swiftshot (3 cost)
  • Sejuani: Guild, Cavalier (1 cost)
  • Ao Shin: Tempest, Dragon (10 cost)
  • Sylas: Whispers, Mage, Brawler (3 cost)

Double Up

The video also highlighted new information about TFT’s Double Up game mode, where players can pair up in a 2v2v2v2 brawl. Wittrock said the team would take an incremental approach to improving Double Up rather than a big release with the mode moving out of beta. Most of the changes will come closer to the mid-set of Dragonlands rather than with the release of TFT Set 7.

Some of the improvements mentioned relate to the interface, like adding team chat and pre-made lobbies. Gameplay improvements include Double Up-specific augments and more engaging Assist Armory choices. Finally, the Double Up ranked queue times should be brought in line with standard TFT queues.


With a new set comes new cosmetics and a handful of new little legends are coming to TFT. They include brand new dragon little legends Burno and Poggles. There will also be a mythic little legend, Choncc the Wise. New chibi little legends include Chibi Yasuo and Dragonlancer Yasuo.

To celebrate the three-year anniversary of TFT, anyone who plays during the celebration will also get a free anniversary Flutterbug variant.

Finally, players who achieved the rank of gold or higher during Set 6 will receive a little legend called Victorious Tocker — and the Triumphant version will go to players who reached gold in both halves of the set.

TFT Little Legend
The new “Poggles” little legend. | Provided by Riot Games.
TFT Little Legend
The new Burno little legend. | Provided by Riot Games.

Dragonlands will of course include a new battle pass with rewards that include another Tier 3 arena. There will also be a Dragonlands mythic arena with features like intro ceremonies and dynamic board elements. The arena, Sanctuary of the Ancients, will not be tied to a bundle, like the previous mythic arena. It will be available as a rare unlock from an egg or something similar.

The cosmetics team will also be introducing a new way to earn and purchase cosmetics called Treasure Troves. They’re also the way vaulted or retired TFT content, like booms from previous sets, will be available for unlock.

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