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The Teamfight Tactics PBE Clash was the first tournament of the TFT Set 6 season. Even though the game is still on the PBE, the event gave players and spectators a chance to see the new expansion in action. Here are the winning TFT set 6 comps from the PBE Clash tournament.

Cloud9 k3Soju: 5 Chemtech Jayce Carry

Jayce carry
Jayce was the main carry behind this five Chemtech frontline with two Enchanters and two Clockwork.

In this comp, Soju piloted a heavy Chemtech front line to soak up as much damage as possible while buying time for Jayce to tear up the enemy team with powerful shock blasts from the back. Dr.Mundo was the secondary carry in this composition as his tankiness due to his traits and items made him almost impossible to kill. The clockwork two champion splash allowed for Jayce and Mundo to attack a little faster to secure kills. Enchanter kept them alive longer and Innovator 3 put another body on the board.

Deisik: 4 Clockwork Jhin Carry

Jhin Carry
Jhin popped off in this four clockwork board that consisted of three innovator as well.

In this comp Desik utilized the power of the clockwork trait to give the entire team boosted attack speed. This allowed the comp’s hyper-carry, Jhin to pop off big in combat. Jhin’s passive makes him attack at a static speed, but also converts all bonus attack speed into attack damage. This allowed Jhin to hit high levels of attack damage which combined with Infinity Edge allowed for huge crtits. On top of that, Giant Slayer allowed him to shred through any front line. Janna was the comp’s secondary carry but more so in a support role. With the rage blade and Deathcap, Janna would keep enemy units off of Jhin while making sure Jhin was always healthy.

Team Liquid Grandvice8: 4 Scholar Kai’Sa Carry

TFT Set 6 comps- Kai'sa carry
Kai’sa was the star of the show in this three mutant four scholar board

Against all odds, GV8 won this game by taking down a Sion three-star. With a super late game transition, GV8 realized that the only way to beat it was putting in the Mutant trait to give the Kai’Sa the execute ability. This allowed Kai’Sa to do enough damage to kill the Sion before the Sion killed her. GV8 did also have four Scholars in thanks to a Scholar emblem that he received earlier in the game.  Mundo was the secondary carry of the comp due to his insane ability to tank damage.

Deisik: 4 Clockwork Jhin Carry (again)

TFT Set 6 comps- Jhin carry
Deisik piloted this four clockwork, two enchanter two sniper board to victory in Game 4

For his second win of the day, Deisik once again looked to the power of the Clockwork trait to power up Jhin. This time around he was able to get his hands on a Clockwork heart, which allowed him to hit the four Clockwork trait with only three units. In place of Camille, Deisik used Kai’Sa as the secondary carry behind Jhin. Jhin’s items are pretty much the same as they were in the second game with a Last Whisper switched out for a Runaans Hurricane. This has looked like one of the better TFT Set 6 comps so far.

TL GV8: Imperial Sion three-star with a Lux three-star

TFT Set 6 comps- GV8 highroll
GV8 highrolled out of his mind to hit this two Colossus, three Imperial board.

To cap off a fun day of games, TL’s GV8 high rolled very well to hit this extraordinary composition. It’s rare to see one four-cost three-star. GV8 hit two of them. In this comp, Sion and Lux were both three-star. To add to how broken this comp was, Lux held an Imperial emblem which gave her and Sion, even more, carry potential. This probably wont be one of the more consistent TFT Set 6 comps but the Galio and Sion Colossus combo make a great front line while Lux is able to dish out serious damage from the back.

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