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Teamfight Tactics Set 6 hasn’t yet been officially released but, after a fiasco surrounding Worlds qualification for the EU region last season, Riot Games is letting players know how Worlds qualification will work for Set 6. Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends will be the name of the TFT EU competitive circuit for TFT Set 6. This season, players from across the EMEA region will compete in open qualifiers, Golden Spatula Cups, ranked ladder and the TFT Superbrawl — which will culminate in the TFT Rising Legends finals at the end of March. Four spots at TFT Worlds will be awarded to the top finishers. Here is a breakdown of what to expect for EU TFT in Set 6.

Golden Spatula Cups

Finally, EU has a tournament circuit. | Provided by Riot Games

This season, a tournament circuit will run alongside the ranked ladder. The Golden Spatula Cups will run throughout the set and will function as one of the primary ways to earn entry into the TFT Rising Legends finals.

There will be three Golden Spatula Cups. Each cup will feature 128 entrants fighting for a prize pool and points. Each cup will have a prize pool of €6,000. The 128 players competing in each cup will breakdown as follows: 96 players will come from the ranked ladder, 60 of those 96 will be from the EUW server, 20 will come from the EUNE server, 12 will come from the Turkish server and, finally, RU will have the last four.

Open Qualifiers make their return. | Provided by Riot Games

The remaining 32 players will come from an open qualifier. Over the course of three days before each Golden Spatula Cup, 512 players will compete to make it into the top 32 of the open qualifier. If a player can reach that, they will earn an invite to the Golden Spatula Cup.

The winner of each Golden Spatula Cup will automatically get an invite to the TFT Rising Legends finals, The players that place second through 32nd at each Spatula Cup will earn points. These will end up determining 15 more spots at the regional finals.

TFT Superbrawl Double Up event

The first-ever announced TFT Double Up tournament will give Regional Finals spots. | Provided by Riot Games

The first official Double Up event will also determine TFT Rising Legends finals spots. The TFT Superbrawl will bring together eight regions that will send their top two players for a chance at the last two qualifying spots at the TFT Rising Legends finals.

Regions may refer to territories or countries across the EMEA region, because the winner of this tournament will qualify for the EMEA regional finals and not anywhere else.

Regardless, this tournament will also have a €5,000 prize pool. Local tournaments in each region will determine which players are to compete at the TFT Superbrawl.

TFT Rising Legends finals

TFT Rising Legends Finals breakdown
32 players will compete at the TFT Rising Legends finals. | Provided by riot Games

The TFT Rising Legends finals in Set 6 will bring together 32 of the best players from the EMEA region. 12 of those players will be from the ranked ladder snapshots. This has been the primary way of determining invites in the past. Of course, there will also be the three Golden Spatula Cup winners and the 15 point earners from those Golden Spatula Cup events. Lastly, there will be the two TFT Superbrawl winners.

The TFT Rising Legends finals will be a two-day event where the top four players will advance to TFT Worlds for Set 6. The TFT Rising Legends finals will have a €20,000 prize pool.

The competitive season kicks off with the first Golden Spatula Cup from Nov. 27-29. Sign-ups for that event begin on Nov 18. Players can check out the official site for more details.

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