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Teamfight Tactics’ fifth set, TFT: Reckoning, is getting a big shakeup later this month. Just like the previous two sets, TFT: Reckoning will have a mid-set expansion that will swap out some Champions and Traits, for new ones. But that’s not the only thing changing this time around. For the first time ever, the TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes update will be replacing one of the game’s core mechanics, with a new one.

TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes will be removing the Shadow item mechanic for a brand new Radiant item mechanic. The new Radiant item mechanic will be simpler to use than the shadow item. This is intended to ease casual and returning players back into the game, but will still give agency to competitive players. But that’s not all, another new mechanic called Radiant blessing, is also coming. Here’s a breakdown of the two new mechanics coming to TFT set 5.5, in patch 11.15.

Radiant items give players a powerful one-time tool

The Radiant Armory gives players an important choice in the mid-game. Provided by Riot Games

In the lore of the TFT: Reckoning set, the evil shadow Pengu has been vanquished and the good guys have saved the day. Along with that, the shadow items have disappeared, being replaced with new Radiant items. These items are like Shadow items in the fact that there is a Radiant version of every regular item. However, that’s where the parallels stop. There are no Radiant item components, only Radiant completed items. So what do they do and how do players get them?

The Radiant items themselves are like the opposite of their shadow counterparts. Instead of having more power at a drawback, these items just have more power, period. Some items, like Zekes Harmony, are simply huge upgrades on their regular versions.

Zekes Harmory gives an additional 25% attack speed than Zekes Herald. Provided by Riot Games

Other items that are not very impressive even upgraded, like Ionic Spark, which has an additional Radiant bonus to put it in line with the other Radiant items. For example, Covalent Spark is not only a better version of Ionic Spark, it also grants the holder an additional 2% max health regeneration per second.

Covalent Spark TFT Reckoning update
The bonuses that Covalent Spark grants players. Provided by Riot Games.

Radiant items can only be acquired through the special Radiant armory. This armory has replaced the stage three armory that normally appeared at stage 3-2. Instead, this armory appears at stage 3-6. Players will select one of five different Radiant items in this special armory. The selection here is critical as this is the only time in the game that a player will have access to the Radiant armory. Yes, that means players only get one Radiant item per game.

Radiant blessing saves players from near death

Radiant blessing is the other mechanic coming to TFT. The new Radiant blessing is an event that happens when a player dips below 40 health. Once a player crosses that threshold, a special golden orb appears. Much like the Lucky Lanterns, everyone will receive the same reward from their Radiant blessing when it’s their time to get it. The Radiant blessing can drop a number of different things, from gold to item components, and even the brand new Tome of Emblems.


Since the Shadow items are leaving, that meant that a lot of spatula combinations would also depart. To compensate, there is a new consumable that can drop from Radiant blessing, or a gold orb, called the Tome of Emblems. When a player receives this, they get the chance to activate a special armory that consists of just Emblems.

Even more exciting here, is that along with this new consumable, every single trait and origin in the game has an emblem. If a player has ever dreamed of making their front line tank double as a ranger, they now can do that.

More details on what Champions are releasing with the new TFT Reckoning update, Dawn of Heroes, and what traits are changing, will be revealed soon. TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes hits the live servers on Wednesday, July 21.