TFT Patch 12.5 Day 1 meta: The top five compositions to play
TFT Patch 12.5 meta tier list Syndicate Ashe

TFT Patch 12.5 Day 1 meta: The top five compositions to play

Innovator, Irelia, Syndicate, Yordle and Talon are at the top
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It’s patch day for Teamfight Tactics, and there are some massive changes. That can leave players wondering what to play for TFT Patch 12.5, but thanks to aggregate data sites like, the answer is in the numbers.

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Here are the top five best performing compositions according to, with explanations on why they are good compositions to climb in the early days of the patch.

Talon Reroll

Same old Talon Reroll. Nothing special here. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Talon has dodged yet another round of nerfs in TFT Patch 12.5. As a result, he is still one of the best performing comps in the new, month-long patch. The comp has not changed, as it still runs VIP, Debonair Talon with three other Assassins to max out on damage. Silco is good at keeping the team alive long enough for Talon to delete the enemy.


Innovator, now with Senna carry. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Innovator is on the decline, but not a big enough one to kick them out of the top 5. In fact, they currently sit as the second-best performing comp in the early data analysis of the new patch. The comp hasn’t changed much aside from the emergence of Senna being a carry threat. Senna likes AD items, so make sure to prioritize her if players acquire a lot of them. Tank items get thrown onto Vi.

Scrap Socialite Irelia

Irelia is still strong in the new patch. | Provided by Warren Youner/ team builder.

Irelia went almost unscathed in the new TFT Patch 12.5 notes. At the last second, she received a 5 AD base nerf due to her being one of the best performers in the last patch. However, the 5 AD nerf has not been enough to kick her out of the top five, yet.

The Socialite Irelia comp currently sits in the third spot in the best performing comps of the new patch. This version utilizes the four Scrap synergy to get her a little bit of extra durability.

Ashe Reroll

Ashe Reroll is a top comp. Make sure to look for Zyra and Morgana three-stars as well. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

The Syndicate trait got a ton of buffs in TFT Patch 12.5, and one of the champions that was buffed the most was Ashe. In the early days of the set, Ashe was one of the top Reroll carry champions but fell off in popularity. In this patch, she is back with a vengeance. This comp aims to play Ashe, Zyra and Morgana as the three main carry champions since they are all relatively cheap. Morgana is fantastic in the front line, Zyra has big AoE CC and both buy time for Ashe to clean up.


Yordle reroll is a real comp in TFT Patch 12.5, believe it or not. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

This is not a joke. According to the stats on MetaTFT, Yordle reroll is one of the best performing comps when looking at the early data in TFT Patch 12.5. The comp utilizes Corki and Vex as the two main carry champions. Lucian is thrown in to give Corki the twin shot synergy.

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