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The mechanic of Augments in Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets has been a massive success. The introduction of Hextech Augments has kept every game feeling unique as the combination possibilities are mathematically endless. In TFT Neon Nights, it gets even more endless as the mid-set expansion brings over 80 new Augments into the game. Here is a look at the best new TFT Neon Nights Augments.

Silver Augments

More position-based Augments appear in TFT Set 6.5 like Phalanx which gives backline champions armor and magic resist. | Provided by Riot Games

Silver Augments are pretty boring to the normal player base. But it’s greatly appreciated that there are more options in TFT Neon Nights to make those low-roll games a little more exciting. Some of the new Silver Augments include the introduction of more position-based options like Phalanx, which gives backline champions more armor and magic resist which could be a cool tool for playing assassins and against assassins.

On top of that are more generically good Augment like Blue Battery which gives all champions a mini blue-buff that states when a champion casts a spell, they regain 10 mana.

Gold Augments

TFT Neon Nights augments
Theiving Rascals makes forcing Yordles even more fun as this Augment occasionally spawns with an item component. | Provided by Riot Games

Ironically, some of the more interesting new Augments in the game actual appear in the gold slot. One Augment in particular, Future Visions is finally in the game after its reveal way back before TFT Gizmos & Gadgets came out. This Augment allows players to always know who they are playing against next. Speaking of, a system change coming to TFT Neon Nights is the new scouting tool that will always allow players to know who they have and haven’t played against recently in each round. But this Augment pinpoints exactly who. On top of that, it also gives players a Zephyr to really sweat positioning.

Another interesting Augment is Three Two’s that gives players two two-star two-cost champions. An alternative to something like Rich Gets Richer, which gives players a flat 10 gold. This gives players 10 gold of value that they can immediately use as champions on the board or sell for econ.

There is also the introduction of Fortunes, which gives players two blue loot orbs and a grey one. For players that want to gamble outside of playing Mercenaries, they can take this Augment for some immediate thrills.

Prismatic Augments

TFT Neon Nights augments
High-Five gives players a few five-cost champions immediately. | Provided by Riot Games

There are some exciting new Prismatic Augments coming to TFT Neon Nights. As the rarest in the game, these new Augments blend a mix of power and wow factor. One of them is called Tiny Titans. This Augment on selection instantly heals a player’s Little Legend by a whopping 35 health. But even if players get it as their first choice, fear not as it also expands their maximum health to 135, making sure that it doesn’t go to waste. It also opens up synergy with Metabolic Accelerator too.

There are more Prismatic Augments than that one. Some lower-tier Augments have prismatic upgrades. For example, Blue Battery II gives all allied champions 20 mana on ability cast instead of 10 like Blue Battery I, essentially giving the entire team a Blue Buff.

But in terms of excitement, Augments like High-Five provide players three five-cost champions which can be wild if they get the Augment early.