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Los Angeles Thieves have officially announced Donavan “Temp” Laroda as the 4th member of their Call of Duty team. Temp is a decorated Call of Duty veteran with a career spanning the last 6 years. He has played for various teams across his career including Splyce, Envy, and Denial.

Last season Temp played alongside Thomas “Zoomaa” Paparatto and Dillion “Attach” Price on the New York Subliners. New York had a rough start to their year but managed to win their home series in July. Most of the original Subliners line-up was removed from the team, leaving Temp potentially out of a job. He started the season off complaining about how he had not gotten offers from teams. Soon after, 100 Thieves returned to the Call of Duty scene as the Los Angeles Thieves.

Temp has been playing with Los Angeles since the team was first announced back in November. He played in some small cash-cups with the main roster before eventually scrimmaging with them full-time. The Thieves have been holding their own so far during scrims against other teams. While we haven’t been able to see all practice sessions, the ones we have seen are promising.

Temp to joins a roster of strong personalities

Yesterday Los Angeles Thieves announced Jordan “JKap” Kaplan as their head coach. In the YouTube video, JKap talks about the strong personalities on the team. This is when he mentions Austin “Slasher” Liddicoat alongside Temp who wouldn’t be announced until the next day. Slasher is known for being one of the most passionate players in the Call of Duty scene. If you’re slacking off during practice, he’ll tell you directly what you need to improve on.

Like Slasher, Temp has also become known as a passionate player in the scene. Some have labeled his passion as “toxic” which was addressed in the Los Angeles Thieves video. JKap believes that Temp only becomes “toxic” because he cares about winning and how the game is played. He also says how confident he is in the team’s ability to succeed with such strong personalities.

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