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Former Call of Duty professional and popular Warzone streamer, Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, made a startling discovery earlier this week. According to one of his stream mods, the personality has lost an absurd amount of Warzone matches at the hands of cheaters.

Facing cheaters is one of the biggest issues players regularly experience with Activision’s popular battle royale. Although console players can mostly veer away from the matter, PC and cross-play users must face the constant onslaught of hackers. It’s been a growing issue since the game’s launch, but Activision did release an update this week on how it’s handling cheaters going forward.

One community update and large ban-wave won’t solve Warzone’s cheating infestation though. To truly show how rampant the issue is, a stream mod for TeePee has quantified the data into one shocking number.

TeePee reveals his personal experience with cheaters in Warzone

For anyone who plays Warzone for multiple hours a day on PC, cheaters are nothing new. Seeing a player hack their way through Verdansk is almost as mundane as firing your weapon. While the issue is extremely pressing, players have grown accustomed to seeing and dying to cheaters.

call of duty warzone cheaters
Image via Activision

However, perhaps TeePee has witnessed more of the issue than most. Thanks to the diligent work of one of his mods, the streamer knows precisely how many times he’s lost a match at the hands of players cheating.

TeePee has apparently had 1,182 matches affected by cheaters since March 2020 (Warzone’s release month). This is an astounding figure, especially as some pro players haven’t even played that many matches of the battle royale in total.

It seems that Activision is making a more concerted effort to stop the rampant use of cheats, given recent updates. Having said that, hackers have publicly stated they can simply make a new account once one is banned. Despite increased efforts by the developers, this problem doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

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