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Esports organization Team Singularity announced April 10 have benched former Rocket League world champion Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson for the remainder of the Rocket League Championship Series Season X. He will be replaced by substitute player Kieran “Rehzzy” Hogan after a series of disappointing results.

Team Singularity announced the news after they finished in 16th place in the last two regional RLCSX Spring regionals. The team has struggled this season , with only brief moments of relative success. On paper, the addition of Scrub Killa should have brought Singularity to new heights. However, that has not been the reality.

Team Singularity disappoints

Team Singularity’s best moment this season came when they won The Grid, a weekly side tournament to RLCSX. In the main events, their best result was an eighth-place finish at the Winter Major. Despite Scrub Killa’s addition between the Fall and Winter splits, the team has not been able to step up. The players knew something had to be done.

“Results and consistency was lacking for a while and it got to the point where we all knew a change was needed,” Singularity player George “breezi” Rusiecki said in the announcement. “With the raw talent Rehzzy has, we knew that he could give us a spark of life near the end of the season. Sadly, it was Scrub that was going to be benched.”

Team Singularity still have an outside chance to qualify for the RLCSX World Championships, but their chances are rapidly dimming with every regional event. They are on the cusp of falling out of contention; this roster change may be their last-ditch effort to save their season.

Is Scrub Killa’s career in freefall, or is this a momentary slump?

Scrub Killa has been a household name in the professional Rocket League scene for years. After waiting two years to compete in the RLCS, the young Scotsman has been a staple of the top league. He reached back-to-back grand finals at his first two world championships, and he won the first and lost the second narrowly thanks to a single overtime goal.

Since being replaced on Team Vitality so that the French organization could start an all-French roster, Scrub has made various moves to different teams, each ending up a disappointment. His first stint outside of Team Vitality was with Mousesports, which he abandoned halfway through the season. Then, he moved on to the former Team Singularity that was later picked up by Guild Esports. He replaced Leon “Godsmilla” Mares. Godsmilla, in turn, rejoined Team Singularity with two new teammates. But, as his luck would have it, Scrub Killa was removed from Guild and replaced Godsmilla on Team Singularity once more.

After a strong start to Scrub Killa’s career, he seems to be struggling to find the right team. Once considered a top player in the world, Scrub now is no longer mentioned during conversations about top players in the RLCS.

Scrub Killa has yet to comment on his benching and what he will do next.