Team OMG win the FPP world champions title at PGI 2018
Team OMG won the FPP title at PGI 2018

Team OMG win the FPP world champions title at PGI 2018

The PUBG Global Invitational 2018 has concluded and the final set of matches were the first-person perspective games. Team OMG stormed the victory, walking away with $400,000.

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The Chinese team annihilated the competition on Day 1 of the FPP Tournament. Day 2, they secured the win with 3,425 points. In second place was Team Liquid, collecting 3,320 points, while Team WTSG placed third with 2,875 points. Although the Chinese team took the victory, the other teams can be proud of what they accomplished over the four-day period. It was one hell of a competition and we can all look forward to more tournaments in the future.

However, back to Team OMGThe team made it look easy in the first set of matches. OMG made it to the top of the leaderboards, earning the most kills and longest survivor awards too!

And of course, the team took their victory celebrations to Twitter to thank fans for the support.

Overall, $2 million in prizes and rewards were given to the teams and various charities and PUBG have made history with such a successful event.

In addition to this, it’s about time that the streamers give their thoughts on the event as there were some questionable moments. For example:

What was your favourite moment in the PGI 2018? We’d love to hear your from you in the comments!