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Dark Matter Ultra is the ultimate camo in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. There’s also the Zombies version, Dark Matter Aether, that is completed by unlocking camos the same way as in MP. However, players have been focusing on Ultra more in the early going of the game’s life cycle. Numerous streamers and thousands of players are grinding every day by unlocking Gold on every weapon in the game. However, one streamer, Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier, discovered that unlocking Dark Matter Ultra is currently impossible. There appears to be a bug in Black Ops Cold War that prevents players from equipping the Mastery camo.

Dark Matter Ultra bugged in Black Ops Cold War

The camos in both Multiplayer and Zombies haven’t exactly been the most stable aspects of the game so far. Treyarch has admitted a large number of problems have existed with the various camps since launch. However, most of them have been fixed with every new update.

black ops cold war camo dark matter
Camos are one of the most desirable cosmetics in Black Ops Cold War. Image via Activision

Unfortunately, it appears one bug with the camos is still persistent in Black Ops Cold War. Since the initial release, both the Combat Knife and M79 haven’t been working properly when it comes to Gold and Diamond camo.

Players are reporting that even upon completion of either weapon, the Gold camo doesn’t unlock. Furthermore, Diamond doesn’t even become available even if players have completed both of the weapons. Popular streamer Symfuhny found this out the hard way when he recently earned Gold on every Multiplayer weapon.

Symfuhny has spent hours grinding out camos and yesterday, he completed the Dark Matter Ultra gauntlet. However, he didn’t receive the Mastery camo due to the Combat Knife not showing he unlocked Gold for it. Of course, Symfuhny streamed himself earning the Gold Knife, so fans know this is a true bug.

He, along with a massive amount of players, tweeted at Treyarch developers to get this problem resolved. As of right now, all we know is that the devs are working on a solution. Hopefully, one comes through by the release of Season 1 on December 10.

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